Application Form for Registration of Chainsaw

DENR application form for registration of chainsaw

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National Capital Region

Application No. __________
Type : ( _____) NEW
( _____ ) RENEWAL

DATE : __________
The RED / CENRO concerned :
Sir :
I / We __________________________, with address at ______________
_______________________and telephone no. ___________ hereby applies for
( Please check appropriate box ) :

) Certificate of Registration of Chainsaw (new)
) Permit to Import Chainsaw
) Permit to Manufacture
) Permit to purchase, sell , re-sell, distribute or transfer of ownership of

The requirements called for under my /our application are attached for your
I/We understand that the filling of this application does not convey the authority to
the undersigned to purchase, import , assemble, manufacture, sell, re-sell,
distribute or use the chainsaw/s subject of application until such time that a Permit
or Certificate of Registration is issued by DENR.
I / We further understand that any false statement, misinterpretation and/or
misdeclaration stated herein shall be a ground for denial and /or revocation of
registration without prejudice to the filling of appropriate legal action.

Very truly yours,

Signature over Printed Name of Applicant