Model Request for Extension of Time and Waiver

PHCC letter of request for extension of time and waiver

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Mergers and Acquisitions Office



Dear ___:
On behalf of COMPANY A, I would like to request for an extension of [•] days from [•] 2017 to
submit the [Phase II/Additional] documents and information required to be provided as stated in
the letter dated [•] of the Mergers and Acquisitions Office. This is due to [•].
In view of such request for extension, I confirm COMPANY A, subject to the conditions and
limitations set forth herein, hereby agrees to waive the review periods under Section ___ of
Republic Act No. 10667 and Rule 4, Section 5 of the Rules and Regulations to Implement the
Provisions of Republic Act No. 10667 that provides for completion of its review of [Case
Reference] for a period of ninety (90) days.
Considering the foregoing, COMPANY A hereby agrees to extend the period of merger review for
[•] days, which corresponds to the period in which COMPANY A requested for an extension to
submit the [Phase II/Additional] documents.
Furthermore, COMPANY A undertakes not to consummate their proposed acquisition of
[Describe Transaction] (“Transaction”) pending the issuance of a decision on the Transaction.
COMPANY A submits this waiver and undertaking under the condition and understanding that,
the waiting period for the review of the Transaction commenced on [•]. With the waiver on the
review periods as stated in this request, the Phase II review shall now end on [•].

cc: [Other Parties]

PCC-OP-MAO-001-T1 rev0