PCO Duties and Responsibilities

PCO list of duties and responsibilities

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The accredited PCO shall perform the following duties and responsibilities:
1) Attend to the requirements of the establishment or agency prior to the construction
or installation of pollution control facilities including the application and securing of
necessary pollution permits and renewal thereof;
2) Monitor activities pertaining the installation or construction of pollution source and
control facilities with the end in view of ensuring their compliance with the air, noise
and water quality standards; the PCO and the head of the establishment shall be
responsible for any violations of P.D. 984 and its implementing rules and regulations
committed by the establishment where the offices is employed;
3) Supervise the proper operation and maintenance of pollution control facilities of the
establishment or agency;
4) Report within reasonable time to the Authority the breakdown of any pollution
control facility, and the estimated and actual date of completion/repair and
5) Promptly submit validate/certified as correct by the General Manager periodic
reports as stipulated in Section 7 hereof or as required by the Authority (otherwise,
said report shall not be accepted as evidence in pollution case);
6) As a liaison officer with the Authority, he shall keep himself abreast with the
requirements of the Authority and the latest available technology on prevention,
control and abatement of pollution;
7) Maintain liaison with the city/provincial/municipal or local pollution control officers;
8) Attend the meetings for Pollution Control Officers which may from time to time be
called by the Authority;
9) Facilitate compliance of the establishment he represents with the requirements that
may from time to time prescribed by the Authority;
10) Recommend to the management the installation and operation of additional
equipment for the pollution abatement facilities; and
11) Handle other matters of environmental concerns as required by his/her employer.