LASF04 Acceptance of Accreditation Condition

PAB condition for acceptance accreditation

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Laboratory Accreditation Form
Acceptance of Accreditation
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01 September 2018
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On behalf of the above CAB and in order to attain and maintain accreditation, I agree to:

Accept the Conditions relating to the granting of Accreditation as set out in the Certificate of Accreditation and Scope
of Accreditation;

Undertake to provide food, transportation, accommodation, and any other incidental fees necessary to conduct the

Undertake to ensure that the laboratory's/inspection body’s operations, facilities, and procedures continue to comply
at all times with the criteria, requirements (including participation to proficiency testing as required), and the conditions
for accreditation;

Undertake to notify PAB within 30 days and in writing of any significant changes or pending changes in any aspect of
the laboratory’s status or operation that affects the laboratory’s legal, commercial or organizational status;
organization or management (e.g. managerial staff); policies or procedures, where appropriate; premises; personnel,
equipment, facilities, working environment or other resources, where significant; authorized signatories; or such other
matters that may affect the laboratory’s capability, or scope of accredited activities, or compliance with the criteria,
requirements and conditions for accreditation;

Undertake to afford accommodation and cooperation as necessary to enable PAB to verify compliance with the
requirements for accreditation including provision for examination of documentation and access to all calibration and
testing areas, equipment, records and personnel for the purposes of assessment, surveillance, reassessment and
resolution of complaints;

Maintain impartiality and integrity;

Retain all quality records, technical records, and supporting reported results throughout the period between PAB full

Claim that it is accredited only in respect of services for which it has been granted accreditation and which are carried
out in accordance with these conditions;

Undertake to pay annual accreditation fees and any reasonable costs relating to such assessments;

Not use its accreditation in such manner as to bring PAB into disrepute and not to make any statement relevant to its
accreditation which PAB may consider misleading or unauthorized;

Upon suspension or withdrawal of its accreditation (however determined) discontinue its use of all advertising matter
that contains reference thereto and return any certificates of accreditation to PAB

Not use its accreditation to imply product approval by PAB;

Endeavours to ensure that no certificate or report, nor any part thereof, is used in a misleading manner;

Comply with the requirements of PAB in making reference to its accreditation status in communication media such as
advertising, brochures, websites, or other documents, as well as in published results (e.g. test reports, inspection
reports, calibration certificates, calibration stickers, etc.)

In order to apply, the applicant CAB’s AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE must agree to the above conditions for accreditation
and must attest that all statements made on the application are correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief. An
accredited CAB’s AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE is responsible for ensuring that all of the relevant conditions for
accreditation are met.

Authorized Representative
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