Supplemental Provisions for the ID System Guidelines

AFAB guidelines for ID system provisions

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1. In consideration of the transitory activities such as information dissemination, the
full implementation of the ID System Guidelines and General Rules and Guidelines in
the Recruitment of Workers by AFAB Locators is moved to September 1, 2013.
2. The validity of the ID for the regular employees shall be extended to three (3) years.
The ID shall be renewed at the AFAB Labor Center within two (2) weeks before the
3. Generic IDs shall be issued to companies upon their requests purposely for their
expatriates, or for other officers and employees who need to go from one Phase of
the FAB to another. Companies to which generic IDs are issued shall be accountable
and responsible for the use of such IDs.
4. IDs of resigned/terminated employees shall be surrendered to their respective HR
which in return shall surrender the same to the Authority through the Labor Center.
The retrieval period of the ID of the resigned/terminated employee shall be the
discretion of the company.
5. Relative to the date of the full implementation of ID System guidelines, the
submission of Masterlist of Personnel by FAB Investors (locators, contractors, and
subcontractors) shall be moved to September 9, 2013. Likewise, FAB ID Information
Sheet (LC Form No. 07), FAB ID Request (LC Form No. 08) shall be submitted atleast
two weeks before the schedule arranged by the Labor Center with the concerned
6. In cases of company with Dual Training System (DTS) Trainees, request for pass or ID
shall be the responsibility of the Training Institution/s.
7. For the schedule of submission of the forms required as mentioned in the abovecited guidelines, the following shall be observed:
Form Title
FAB Locators/Employers’ Masterlist of Personnel /
Contractors/Subcontractors Masterlist of Personnel

Deadline of Submission

September 9, 2013

LC Form No. 03 – Recruitment Assistance Request

1 or 2 weeks before the
scheduled company screening

LC Form No. 05 – Endorsement for Issuance of Gate Pass

2 - 3 days before the scheduled
company screening

LC Form No. 07 and LC Form No. 08
FAB ID Information Sheet and FAB ID Request
For newly-hired workers
LC Form No. 09-A and 09-B
FAB Locators/Employers Report on Placed/Hired
FAB Contractors/Subcontractors Report on Placed/

Please see item No. 5 above
1 week before the scheduled first
day of work
Every 10th of the following month

LC Form No. 10-A and 10-B
FAB Locators/Employers Report on Displaced/Terminated
Every 10th of the following month
FAB Contractors/SubContractors Report on Displaced/
Terminated Employees


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