3 Outline for a Five Years Business Plan

ERC outline for 5 years business plan for retail electricity suppliers form

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Retail Electricity Supply Business for the Contestable Market
Outline for a Five (5)-Year Business Plan

Executive Summary


Overview of the company and its 5-year business plan

Marketing Plan
2.1 Market Share and Revenue Target(s)
2.2 Type/s of Market to be served
2.3 Target Market Areas
2.4 Marketing Strategies
2.5 Allocation of Capacity & Energy

For Affiliates
For Non-Affiliates

2.6 Value Added Services

Power Procurement Plan
3.1 Company’s five-year source of power, indicating each source and
corresponding quantity


Financial Plan
4.1 Company’s capitalization plan i.e. equity, borrowings or public offerings;
4.2 Company’s financial projections, showing how projected cash reserves or
revenues are expected to support costs and expenses.


Organizational Plan
5.1 Organizational structure, indicating key personnel, including roles and
functions; services outsourced and control over outsourced entities;
5.2 Names of Board members and qualifications;
5.3 List of advisors or consultants, if any;
5.4 Five-year staffing and hiring requirements;
5.5 Five-year training plan for employees and staff

CMD/June 2013