GAD Accomplishment Report

DOLE accomplishment report for gender and development

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FY 2011


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Column (1)

Agencies which have reviewed their programs/activities/projects for
gender responsiveness will proceed by filling up all the sections.
Beginners in gender mainstreaming or those agencies which have yet to
create the environment supportive of gender mainstreaming will start with
the second section of the form. Beginners in gender mainstreaming are
those which have yet to: make key people in the agency appreciate and
understand gender; formulate internal policies that will support gender
mainstreaming in the agency; create mechanisms for GAD such as Focal
Point and trainers’ pool; and develop sex-disaggregated databases.
To assess the progress in gender mainstreaming, agencies may use the
Gender Mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework (GMEF). It is selfassessment tools which will help agencies determine where they are in the
gender mainstreaming continuum and formulate measures towards
progress. The GMEF is available for viewing and free download at Hard copies may be purchased at the NCRFW library.
Entries to this section shall include the title, objectives, target, clientele,
and the total budget of the program, project or mainstream activities.

Column (2)

Gender Issue
An issue may be reported as a gender issue if it:
 articulates the extent of disparity of women and men over benefits
form and contribution to a program and/or project of the agency
(Client-Focused Issues), or
 points to the gap in the capacity of the organization to integrate a
gender dimension in the activities, of its program and projects
(Organization-Focused Issues).
A gender issue is best drawn from a gender analysis or diagnosis and is
supported by data and statistics. The supporting data tells about the
extent and magnitude of the gender issues or bias being presented.

Column (3)

GAD Activity
The GAD activity is a component of the regular programs, activities and
projects of the agency. An activity may be reports as a GAD activity it
seeks to:
 promote the equality between women and men in the distribution
of benefits and the opportunity to contribute to an agency program
or project; and/or

address the gaps in knowledge, skills and attitudes of key
personnel on gender mainstreaming.

It is important to note that in most areas of life, there are significant
disparities between women and men. In order to address the disparities,

agencies have to uphold positive action to promote the interest of women.
For example, in promoting women’s participation and involvement in
farmers’ cooperatives, it is not a value for agencies to target and report
50% women and 50% men as participants since this will not change the
existing status of women as against men. In the same token, activities that
target women without clear articulation as to how they will contribute to
closing in gender gaps are likewise of little value. Examples of this are:
procurement of violet uniforms for the agency’s women choral group
members, laser tooth extraction for employees, purchase of mineral water
for employees, and construction of structures such as covered path walk
and tennis court.
GAD activities may target women, men or both. Activities that have
targeted men may be reported as GAD activity for as long as the objective
is to correct gender disparities as in the case of establishing a network of
men against sexual harassment in the workplace or training and
encouraging men to share in parenting and child-rearing responsibilities.
Agencies, especially those which are new in gender mainstreaming may
report activities that are intended to develop or strengthen their
institutional capacity for gender mainstreaming.
Column (4)

This section shall reflect the consequences of the activity that has been
conducted. It shall provide a description of the change that has occurred
after implementing the activity. There are two types of result that have to
be reported. The immediate results of the activity (output) and the more
distant change (outcome) that are anticipated or actually have occurred as
a result of a series of related activities and achieving a combination of
outputs. In cases where many activities are required to come up with an
output, it is recommended that the agency reflects all these activities in the

Column (5)

To avoid double counting and attributing the entire program or project
cost as GAD Budget, agencies will only report the actual cost for the
conduct of the GAD activities. The agency shall specify whether the
funding was sourced from overseas donors or from the GAA or from both.

Column (6)

Agencies are encouraged to report any deviation from their proposed plan
and budget and provide the reasons for the deviation as well as the factors
that have facilitated or hindered the implementation of gender
mainstreaming in the agency.