DSWD-SB- PS-F-005 Pledge of Commitment

DSWD public solicitation form for pledge of commitment

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DSWD-SB- PS-F-005: Pledge of Commitment

I/We ___________________________ of legal age, with postal address at
________________________________________________________________, that for and in
consideration of my/our application to solicit or receive contributions for public welfare purposes
pursuant to the provisions of the Solicitation Permit Law (PD 1564) hereby commit the following:
THAT I/We shall assume full responsibility for all contributions and funds received and shall
limit the administrative expenses incident in the holding of the fund drive to no more than twenty
percent (20%) of the gross income and the balance of eighty percent (80%) will be appropriated for
the said project. In case funds are raised solely through voluntary contributions, administrative
expenses shall be limited to ten percent (10%) of the total collection;
THAT no person involved in the fund raising shall get any share from the proceeds to be
derived therefrom and that only lawful means shall be employed during the fund drive.
IN VIEW OF THE ABOVE, the following persons are the only authorized agents who will
be involved in the conduct the solicitation/fund drive.
Name of Authorized
Partner Agencies

Business Address

Email Address


(if foreign, pls. indicate BID
number and date)

Certified Correct
(Signature Over Printed Name of the Agency Head
or Authorized Representative)



SUBSCRIBE AND SWORN to before me the undersigned Notary Public for and in
___________________, this ______ day of ___________________ at _________________________
by ________________________________________________________ with Community Tax
Certificate no. _______________________________ issued at _______________________ on


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