137-SHS Senior High School Student Permanent Record

DepEd permanent record for senior high school students

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The Provincial Director
Philippine National Police
Dear Director __________________:
In pursuance to Memorandum of Agreement dated 03 May 1995 entered into by and
between the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), the Department of Interior and
Local Government (DILG) and Philippine National Police (PNP) and Joint DAR-DILG-DND
Circular No. 05 dated 10 June 2002, may we request the assistance of your
office/personnel to provide the necessary security to ensure peace and order on the
Installation of our CARP beneficiaries to be undertaken by our office in the former
located at ____________________________________.
We would like to request a meeting with you on_______________________________
at ___________________________________________________ for us to discuss and
plan the activities to ensure the peaceful installation and possession of our CARP
beneficiaries to their awarded lands.
Hoping for your usual cooperation.
Thank you very much.

Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer II
(Signature over printed name)