What this is For:

Registration as Ecozone Utilities Enterprise

Where to File:


Roxas Boulevard corner San Luis Street, Pasay City, Philippines

Tel. No.: (632) 551-3454 or 551-3455; Fax No.: (632) 891-6380; Email:

How to File:

o High-speed fiber-optic telecommunication backbone and high-speed international gateway facility or wide-area network (WAN); or any high speed data telecommunication system that may become available in the future;

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Application Form For registration as Ecozone Utility Enterprise (notarized)

2. Anti-Graft Certificate Anti-Graft Certificate (notarized)

3. Business Registration (e.g. SEC Registration, DTI Registration)

4. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (if applicable)

5. Audited Financial Statements for the last three (3) years (if applicable)

6. Board Resolution / Special Power of Attorney authorizing the filing and designation of a representative to PEZA

7. Favorable endorsement from the Zone Administrator / Manager of the ecozone

8. Favorable endorsement from the registered developer / operator of the ecozone

9. Drawing / layout of typical support structure arrangement

10. Project desription which includes technical aspect, financial aspect, market aspect and environmental aspect

11. Complete Operational Plan, including capacity plan (current and future demand estimates)

12. Accreditation from the Department of Energy (for power utility companies)

13. Certification from National Water Resources Board (for water utility companies)

14. Favorable endorsement from the local water district of the host municipality (for water utility companies)