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MMD-102 Medical Certificate

SSS medical certificate for sickness benefit

F-102 Application of an Existing Corporation to Increase its Foreign Equity

SEC application form for registered corporations with more than forty percent (40%) increasing further the percentage of such equity under the act of foreign investment 1991 for foreign corporation

Form Guide: Increase of Foreign Equity ( for corporations registered under the Foreign Investments Act)

Form Guide: Revision of RecordsCitizenship

Land Transportation Office

Form Guide: Claim for Sickness Benefit

nearest SSS branch

Form Guide: Claim for Disability Benefit

nearest SSS branch


SSS form used for flexi - fund withdrawal claim

E-4 Member Data Change Form

SSS form used to correct or change the member's data

BIR Form No. 2550M Monthly Value-Added Tax Declaration

This BIR return/declaration shall be filed in triplicate by the following taxpayers; A VAT-registered person; and A person required to register as a VAT taxpayer but failed to register. This return/declaration must be filed by the aforementioned taxpayers for as long as the VAT registration has not yet been cancelled, even if there is no taxable transaction during the month or the aggregate sales/receipts for any 12-month period did not exceed the P1,500,000.00 threshold.

1702-AIF Account Information Form (AIF) For Corporations and Partnerships in General

A revised BIR form designed in line with the BIR Integrated Tax System (ITS) to be used as attachment to BIR Form No. 1702 and to be accomplished by corporations and partnerships which contains the taxpayer's business profile information and other relevant data to be lifted from the Audited Financial Statements.

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