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Annex K - 1 Level 1- Hospital

DOH assessment tool for licensing a hospital

Form Guide: Additional Restriction Code: ARC 1 (Motorcycle/ Motorized)

Land Transportation Office

1A Transmittal of Accomplished CARPER LAD Form/s No.1

DAR CARPER LAD transmittal of accomplished form to conduct pre-ocular inspection of landholdings for coverage under CARP

ISO-aligned ICC Project Evaluation Forms 1-7

NEDA evaluation forms for ICC project

ICC Guidelines for Accomplishing ICC-PE Forms 1-6 (as of 28 June 2004)

NEDA ICC forms guidelines

Annex F Information Relating to Possession or Control Requirements

SEC annex under SRC rule 49.2 - 1

Annex H Explanation of Books and Records Rule

SEC annex under SRC rule 52.1 - 1

1 Conduct of Preliminary Ocular Inspection of LHS for Coverage Under CARP

DAR CARPER LAD form to conduct preliminary ocular inspection of landholdings

1 Application Letter

GSIS letter of application for eligibility to bid for the reinsurance of issued policies

1 Goods and Services

NEDA application form for supplier of goods and services other than consulting services

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