What this is For:


What is Hospital Accreditation

It refers to a process whereby the qualifications and capabilities of a hospital is verified in accordance with the qualities, standards and procedures set by the corporation.

Why the need for Accreditation

1. To be able to provide quality health services to PHIC members.

2. To participate in the National Health Insurance Program.

Where to File:

Accreditation Department

City State Centre Building,

709 Shaw Blvd., Pasig City

Other Documentary Requirements:

What are the Requirements

1. Fee

Primary - P1,000

Secondary - P2,000

Tertiary - P3,000

2. DOH License

3. Notarized application form

4. PHA /membership certificate

5. List of equipment

6. List of service charge

7. List of personnel

8. Hospital bed rates

9. Ancillary licenses (Lab., x-ray & pharmacy)

10. Therapeutics Committee

11. Infection Control Committee Manual

12. Quality Assurance Program

How / Procedure

Who may apply

Hospitals who have been operating for at least 3 years.

Hospitals with DOH license.

When to apply

Initial accreditation



4 months prior to the expiry of previous accreditation