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PhilHealth expanded its services for members in the government sector in 1998 by assuming the complete range of Medicare services previously provided by the GSIS. As such, during this year the NHIP's membership framework was developed. The framework included the procedures for registration and updating of membership records of employees in the government sector.

Membership - Build-up of the database for members in the government service commenced upon PhilHealth's assumption of collection functions for government sector members on January 1,1998.

Other Documentary Requirements:

Who are covered by the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP)

The program covers the following:

Employed Members - all those employed in the government and private sector.

Individually Paying Members - self-employed, Overseas Filipino Workers, professionals in private practice (doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc.)

Non Paying Members - the following are entitled to lifetime coverage:

o Retirees and pensioners of the GSIS and SSS (including permanent total disability and survivorship pensioners of the SSS) prior to the effectivity of RA 7875 in March 4, 1995.

o Members who have reached the age of retirement and have paid at least 120 monthly contributions. Optional Retirees (under RA 1616, PD 1146 or PD 1184) are not yet entitled to lifetime coverage until they reach the age of retirement (60 years old).

Indigent Members - under the indigent component of the NHIP

Who are the legal dependents dependents entitled to free coverage

The following also enjoy coverage through your membership without paying additional premium:

Legitimate spouse, non-member

Children (legitimate, illegitimate, adopted and step child) below 21 years old, unmarried and unemployed

Note :Children 21 years or above but suffering from any congenital disability, either physical or mental, or any disability acquired that renders them totally dependent on the member for support are also given free coverage as dependents provided your membership remains active.

Parents 60 years old and above, not qualified as Non Paying Members and wholly dependent on the member for support