Monitoring of Projects

What this is For:

Monitoring of Projects

Where to File:

HLURB Building Kalayaan Avenue corner Mayaman St. Diliman QC 1101 Phils

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Day 1(Steps 1-2) - Evaluation of project records preparatory of Site Inspection

Day 1(Step 2) - Signing of authority to inspect (Regional Director/Officer)

2. Day 2(Step 3) - Conduct of Site Inspection

Day 2(Step 3) - Preparation of Inspection Report/Findings

Day 2(Step 4) - Determination of Inspection Report/Finding if there's violation

3. Day 3-6 (Steps 5-5b) - If there's violation, issues Notice of Violation (NOV) on Cease and Desist

Day 3-6(Steps 6-6b) - Order (CDO), If there's no violation, advise re: PD 1216 (maintenance/donation)

4. Day 7-10 - If reply is received, sends Order of Imposition of Fine, or detemine if reply is Meritorious

5. Day 11-14 (Steps 9-20b) - Lifting of Order if meritorious

6. Day 15-45 (Steps 11-12b) - Determination if there' s compliance to Order of Imposition of fine (including mailing time)

7. Day 46-49(Steps 13-13b) - Lifting of Filing Order if there is compliance to Order

8. Day 50 (Step 14) - Filing of reconsideration to NOV or CDO/Order of Imposition of Fines

9. Day 51(Step 15) - Re-evaluation of entire records if Re-evaluation is considered

10. Day 52(Step 16) - Conduct of Site Inspection and/or monitoring if necessary

Day 52(Step 16-18b) - Preparation of Site Inspection Report/Findings

- Relief Order

- Reduction of fine

- Affirm OIF

- Deny motion for reconsideration

11. Day 53(Steps 19-19b) - Preparation of Writ of Execution, if proponent still refuses to comply with order

12. Day 53-113(Step 20) - Determination if with reglementory period of Writ of Execution expired (60 days)

13. Day 114(Steps 22-24) - Letter reminder to the sheriff requesting status of the writ issued

14. Day 115 - If all administrative remedies are exhausted, case is endorsed to prosecutor's office for criminal action

Day 115 (variable)(Steps 25a-26) - Review of the case/issuance of decision

Note: Required documents are complete and in order. Duration varies depending on the following: 1. Location of Project 2. Area 3. Excludes responsive time of respondents.