Disposition of Cases

What this is For:

Disposition of Cases

Where to File:

HLURB Building Kalayaan Avenue corner Mayaman St. Diliman QC 1101 Phils

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Complainant submits complaint to Records Officer for verification of completeness of requirements, assessment of filing fees and issuance of order of payment; 2. Complainant pays filing fees with cashier; 3. Records Officer receives complaint as duly filed; 4. Director evaluates complaint and raffles the same to arbiter; 5. Arbiter summons respondent and notifies complainant of preliminary hearing; 6. Respondent answers complaint in 20 calendar days; 7. Arbiters conduct preliminary hearing; 8. If no settlement of case is reached, complainant and respondent file position paper and draft decision, and submit case for decision; 9. Arbiters decide case within 30 days from submission for decision; 10. If petition for review on the decision is filed on time, case is evaluated by arbiters to Board of Commissioners from further proceedings; 11. Upon finality of decison, arbiters, upon motion issues a writ of execution; 12. Court Sheriff executes decision. Time Line1. Day 1(Steps 1-3) - Filing of complaints(1 day)

2. Day 2-4(Step 4) - Raffle to arbiter (3 days)

3. Day 5-7(Step 5) - Issuance of summons(3 days)

4. Day 8-10(Steps 6-8) - Arbiter reviews/signs summons and mailing of summons (3 days)

5. Day 11-17(Step 9) - Expected receipt of issuance(7 days respondent)

6. Day 18-37(Step 9) - Filing of answer

7. Day 38-44(Steps 10-11) - Receipt of answer, if filed by registered mail (7 days)

8. Day 45-48(Steps 12-16) - Preliminary conference (4 days)

9. Day 49-108(Steps 17-18) - Termination of preliminary conference (period of amicable settlement) (60 days from day 48 max. period)

10. Day 109-138(Steps 17-18) - Submission of position papers(30 days from day 1018 max. period)

11. Day 139-168(Steps 17-18) - Submission of case for resolution and Drafting of decision (30 days from Day 138 max. period)

12. Day 169(Steps 19-20) - Issuance of decision (1 day)