What this is For:

Application of Companies Engaged in Customs Brokerage

Where to File:

Application of Companies Engaged in Customs Brokerage

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Letter Request addressed to the Director General Lilia B. de Lima

2. Endorsement Letters from prospective PEZA Clients (at least 1 company)

3. Application Form For registration / accreditation as an Ecozone Service Enterprise (notarized)

4. Filing / Application Fee of Php 3,600 (attach copy of Official Receipt)

5. Anti-Graft Certificate Anti Graft Certificate (notarized)

6. Board Resolution authorizing the filing of the application and the designation of representative (notarized)

7. List of Employees (include designation)

8. Personal History Statements of Principal Officers (Biodata)

9. Audited Financial Statements for the last three years (for new companies, which have started operating for only six months, an Audited Balance Sheet is enough)

10. Certificate of Registration from S.E.C. (for Corporations); Certificate of Registration from DTI (for Partnership and Single Proprietorship)

11. Articles of Incorporation (for Corporations)

12. Certification from the SEC indicating that applicant has "no foreign equity"

13. Common Bond with Bureau of Customs

14. Location of Warehouse (if any)

15. Updated BIR Clearance

16. Mayor's Permit (for the current year)

17. Proof of Paid Up Capital of at least Php 100,000.00 (for Corporation, Single Proprietorship and Partnership)

18. Annual Permit to Operate from Philippine Ports Authority

19. List of Non-PEZA clients

20. Schedule of Service Rates