What this is For:

Veteran Preference Rating (EO 132/790) - grants additional 10 points to a veteran, his/her spouse or any one of his/her children who failed the CS exams, with a minimum rating of 70% (if taken from 1989 onwards, or 60% if taken from 1988 or earlier years.)

Other Documentary Requirements:

Requirements/Where to Apply

Certificate of Veterans Status (CVS) to be prepared and issued by the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO)

Certificate of Live Birth or Baptismal Certificate, original and photocopy. In the absence of any of the above, an affidavit of two disinterested parties, school documents

Affidavit of Waiver

Death certificate of veteran, if deceased

Marriage contract

Original report of rating in the CS examination

Other documents as may be deemed necessary

Accomplished CS Form 101-A Application for Grant of Eligibility Under Special Laws

Applicants should file their applications with Office for Recruitment, Examination and Placement (OREP) Central Office.