What this is For:

Barangay Official Eligibility (RA 7160) - granted to Punong Barangay, Barangay Kagawad and Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman, Barangay Secretary and Treasurer. This eligibility is appropriate for first level positions in the career service.

Other Documentary Requirements:

Requirements/Where to Apply

Must have finished their term of office or if incumbent, must have earned an aggregate five years service to the barangay. The gaps between their services must not be more than a year.

Accomplished CS Form 101-A Application for Grant of Eligibility Under Special Laws submitted together with the other requirements to their respective CSRO or field office.

- Certification of Service by the Department of Interior and Local Government

- Duly signed oath of office or other proofs of having been duly elected such as election return

Other documents required by the CSCROs