4. Mutual Fund Distributor [u] SEC Form MFD [/u]

What this is For:

4. Mutual Fund Distributor SEC Form MFD

Other Documentary Requirements:


1. For Broker Dealer in Securities:

a. Surety Bond of P5 Million for Broker and P1 Million for Dealer

b. Continuing Authorization for the Commission's duly authorized Representative to verify the Applicant's bank accounts, under oath

c. Internal Supervision Control and Compliance Procedure

d. Photocopy of previous license

2. For Dealer in Government Securities (GSED):

a. Latest Income Tax Returns supported with Audited Financial Statements

b. Photocopy of previous license

3. For Broker Dealer in Proprietary Shares:

Same as the requirements for Broker Dealer in Securities except requirement letter a.

4. For Salesmen and Associated Person

a. List (with a covering letter) of Salesmen/Associated Person to be registered.

b. Certified correct copy of Certificate of Participation in the Associated Person Seminar given by the PSE Training Institute in coordination with the CSG and the Membership Department (in lieu of the examination to be given for Associated Persons). Non-participants must submit an undertaking to attend future seminars for Associated Persons to be given by the PSE.

c. Photocopy of licenses of the subject Salesmen/Associated Persons.

5. Annual fee:

a. Broker Dealer P 20,200.00

b. Broker P 10,100.00

c. Dealer P 10,100.00

d. Branch Office P 5,050.00

e. Dealer in Government Securities P 10,100.00

f. Salesman P 1,010.00

g. Associated Person P 1,515.00