Minimum Paid-Up Capital Requirement

What this is For:

Minimum Paid-Up Capital Requirement

Other Documentary Requirements:


Airfreight Forwarders P 2,000,000.00

Break Bulk Agent P 250,000.00

Cargo Consolidator P 400,000.00

Financing Company

Metro Manila and other 1st class cities P 10,000,000.00

Other classes of cities P 5,000,000.00

Municipalities P 2,500,000.00

Freight Forwarders P 300,000.00

Health Maintenance Organization P 10,000,000.00


Insurance Broker P 250,000.00

General Agent P 250,000.00

Reinsurance Broker P 500,000.00

Investment Adviser/Manager P 10,000,000.00

Investment Company P 50,000,000.00

Investment House P 300,000,000.00

Mining P 2,500,000.00

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier P 500,000.00

Pawnshop P 100,000.00

Pre-Need Plan Issuer P 100,000,000.00

Pre-Need Plan Agent P 5,000,000.00

Recruitment for Local Employment

Corporation P 500,000.00

Partnership P 200,000.00

Recruitment for Overseas Employment P 2,000,000.00

Retail Trade with Foreign Equity US$ 2,500,000.00

School (for stock corporation)

Elementary Education P 1,000,000.00

Elementary & Secondary Education P 2,500,000.00

Elementary, Secondary, Tertiary Post/Graduate Education P 5,000,000.00

Security Agency P 500,000.00

Securities Broker/Dealer (New/SRO-Member) P 100,000,000.00

Securities Broker/Dealer (Existing/SRO-Member) P 10,000,000.00

Securities Broker/Dealer in Proprietary Shares (Non-SRO-Member) P 5,000,000.00

Special Purpose Vehicle 31,250,000.00

Transfer Agent P 1,000,000.00


Corporation with more than 40% foreign equity

- Domestic Market Enterprise US$ 200,000.00

- Export Market Enterprise P 5,000.00

Foreign Branch Office

- Domestic market enterprise US$ 200,000.00

- Export market enterprise P 5,000.00

Partnership with foreign partner

- Domestic Market enterprise US 200,000.00

- Export Market enterprise P 3,000.00

Foreign Representative Office US$ 30,000.00

Regional Area Headquarters (RHQ) US$ 50,000.00

Regional Operating Headquarters (ROHQ) US$ 200,000.00