Creation of Bonded Indebtedness

What this is For:

Creation of Bonded Indebtedness

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Certificate of Creation of Bonded Indebtedness

2. Audited financial statements as of the last fiscal year stamped received by BIR and SEC

3. Unaudited financial statements for the current year period, if item no. 2 is more than 6 months old certified by the company accountant

4. List of the company's properties with their corresponding book, appraised or bondable values which will be used to secure the projected bond issues certified by the company Accountant or comptroller

5. Projected financial statements, signed by the company accountant or comptroller, showing the utilization of the proceeds of the bonds and the redemption of the bond issues

6. Trust indenture executed by the corporation and the trustee

7. Sample form of the mortgaged bond certificate to be issued.