Dissolution ( by shortening corporate term )

What this is For:

Dissolution ( by shortening corporate term )

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Directors' Certificate - A Notarized document signed by majority of the directors and corporate secretary certifying the amendment of the articles of incorporation shortening the corporate term, the votes of the directors and stockholders thereto, and the date and place of the stockholders meeting

2. Amended Articles of Incorporation

3. Audited financial statements as of date of the stockholders meeting approving dissolution or any date thereafter

4. List of creditors, if any, and their consent, or certification as to non- existence of creditors

5. BIR Tax Clearance

6. Publisher's affidavit of the publication of the dissolution of the corporation (once a week for three (3) consecutive weeks)

7. Indorsements/clearances from other government agencies, if applicable

Note: If there are creditors and their consent was not secured, the application should be in the form of a petition to be filed with Office of General Counsel of the SEC