What this is For:


Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Articles of Merger/Consolidation

2. Plan of Merger

3. List of stockholders of the constituent corporations certified by corporate secretary

4. Certification by the corporate secretary on the meetings of the Directors and Stockholders of the constituent corporations approving the merger/consolidation

5. Audited financial statements of the constituent corporations as of a date not earlier than 120 days prior to the date of filing of the application

6. Long-form audit report of item no. 5 (for absorbed corporation (s)

7. List of creditors of the solvent corporation (s) and their consent, if any, in case any of the constituent corporation (s) is insolvent

8. Publisher's affidavit of publication of the merger or consolidation, if one or more of the constituent corporation(s) is/are insolvent

9. Company Data Maintenance Form

Note: 1. If the surviving company will not issue shares of stock or create additional paid-in capital disregard item no. 6.

2. If merger will be effected via increase of capital stock, submit also the requirements for Increase of Authorized Capital Stock

3. For consolidation, submit also the requirements for the registration of a stock corporation