Decrease of Authorized Capital Stock

What this is For:

Decrease of Authorized Capital Stock

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Certificate of Decrease of authorized capital stock

2. Audited financial statements as of last fiscal year stamped received by the BIR and SEC

3. Long form audit report (if it involves return of capital)

4. List of creditor(s) and their consent (if it involves return of capital), certified by company accountant

5. List of stockholders before and after the decrease certified by corporate secretary

6. Amended Articles of Incorporation

7. Directors Certificate - A notarized document signed by the majority of the directors and corporate secretary certifying the amendment of the articles of incorporation to decrease the authorized capital stock, the votes of the directors and the stockholders thereto, and the date and place of the stockholders meeting

8. Publisher's affidavit of the publication of the decrease of capital (once in a newspaper of general circulation)

9. Company Data Maintenance Form