What this is For:

Branch and Representative Office

Other Documentary Requirements:

1. Application Form

a. Form F-103 Form F-103- for Branch Office

b. Form F-104 - Form F-104for Representative Office

c. Form F-108 - Form F-108for Non-stock corporations

2. Name verification slip

3. Authenticated copy of the Board Resolution authorizing the establishment of branch/representative office in the Philippines; designating the resident agent to whom summons and other legal processes may be served to the foreign corporation; and stipulating that in the absence of such agent or upon cessation of its operation in the Philippines, any summons or legal processes may be served to SEC as if the same is made upon the corporation at its home office.

4. Financial Statements (FS) as of a date not exceeding one year immediately prior to the application, certified by an independent Certified Public Accountant of the home country and authenticated before the Philippine Consulate/Embassy

5. Authenticated copies of the Articles of Incorporation with an English translation if in foreign language other than English

6. Proof of Inward Remittance (IR) such as bank certificate

7. Registration Data Sheet

8. Resident Agent's acceptance of appointment. (Not required if agent is the signatory in the application form)

9. For Representative office and/or Branch office of non-stock corporations - Affidavit executed by the Resident Agent stating that the applicant is solvent and in sound financial condition.