FIREARM LICENSING Application for Firearm License (Personal)

What this is For:


How to File:

Procedure for Licensing of Loose Firearms

1. Applicant fills up information sheet for permit to transport (PTT) (Info Sheet for PTT is available at box located at counter 19)

2. Submit information sheet at counter 19

3. Applicant waits for PTT and application form for firearm license EO 390 from counter 18.

4. After securing PTT, applicant secures his/her firearm from residence and brings it back to the PNP firing range at Camp Crame for a ballistics test and a stencil of firearm markings order of payment (OP) will be issued right after the ballistics / stencil procedures at the firing range.

5. After paying the necessary fee (License Fee, License Card and Firearms Bond) applicant submits his/her application form together with the other documents (SBR, Ballistics Report, Accomplished Stencil Form etc.) at counter 17

6. Applicant will get his/her provisional / temporary license after 2 weeks.


Other Documentary Requirements:

All Forms are Accountable Forms!

Two kinds of Licenses

1. Regular License

2. Special Permit for Government Employees who get a 50% Discount

If one is to proceed straight to the PNP for application purposes, an indorsement from the applicable gun dealer is necessary to obtain the forms. However, forms are also available directly from specific registered gun dealers.